Chance meeting

I decided to fill my truck in Reisterstown on the way home today.  By chance I pulled in next to the fellow who bought my 1955 electrified Hudson Metropolitan.  He has a nice collection of vehicles and as we chatted John invited me back to his place to see the toys.

Some people buy old vehicles, think up grand schemes, and never follow through on them.  John is not one of these people.  He already converted the Met from 48 to 72 volts and was experimenting with it.  I also saw his 1929 Sterling chain drive truck which he is expertly restoring.  Other interesting vehicles were two Triumph 10’s, one from 1958 which he has dismantled for metal work, and another from 1960 which is fresh from California and rust free.

My favorite item of John’s was a former military bomb cart which he had transformed into an electric version of a military Mutt.  Using a Harley golf cart rear, home made chain drives, and adding a heavy pivoting engine hoist he created the ultimate electric yard hauler.  Quite a transformation from an unpowered four wheeled trailer to a heavy duty and useful machine.  I want one!!  I think from now on I shall just carry my camera everywhere with me.  Next time I visit John I will definately have the camera and take pictures.


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