Drive your Jeep / M715 for sale

One clear lesson from this story is that everyone who has a vintage Jeep should drive it as much as possible.  Jeeps want to find other Jeeps! During the summer I use my 1941 Willys MB almost every day, and that is how we found this Kaiser M715.

Vlad and I were at the WAWA convenience store one morning and after purchasing coffee we came out to find a state trooper standing beside my Jeep.  The trooper smiled and introduced himself.  After we chatted a wee bit he asked if we knew his old school buddy, Ray.  Apparently Ray had a barn filled with Jeeps.  After receiving a vague description as to where Ray lived Vlad and I were off to try and find the mystery Jeep man.

We drove around the mentioned roads but found nothing.  A week later I was at a local auto repair shop and one of the employees looked at my Jeep and said,” Do you know Ray?”  And we began again, but this time I had an address! So I immediately went to Ray’s house, and his wife and I chatted as my Jeep idled happily in the driveway.

A week later I met with Ray and saw the collection in his pole barn.  The collection includes a CJ2A, a restored CJ7, a hot rodded M38, and the M715.  He told me the M715 was for sale and I said I would tell folks about it.  Fast forward to today and it now sits in our driveway at Hanson Mechanical.  We can restore it, repair it, or sell it as is.  It runs well, but needs brakework and has minor rust.  What a cool looking vehicle, eh?

For some great stories about driving an M715 (and offroading it!!) during Vietnam go to this page:



2 thoughts on “Drive your Jeep / M715 for sale

  1. Looking for a way to contact you. I am very enterested in your m715 and would like to talk about a price. Please get back to me when you can.

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