Army Jeep Parts visit 2

I thought I would post some pictures of the scrapyard at AJP.  It says something when even the scrapyard is carefully lined up.  Most of the Jeeps were CJ2A’s and 3A’s with a couple M38’s and M38A1’s.  There were a handful of WW2 Jeeps scattered amongst the wrecks as well.  There was even a rather nice Ford GPW frame.

It was interesting seeing the wide variety of Bubba modifications on both military and civilian Jeeps.  While Bubba may drive us all crazy with the things he and his buddies did after drinking a 12 pack, we do have to thank Bubba for keeping our Jeeps on the road and out of the scrapyard.

Our favorite Jeep was the one Mike and Scott are standing next to.  Why in the name of all things Jeep did someone try to cram a square headlight into one of the sockets?  Looks like the poor thing is winking 🙂




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