Junkyard Gems

In our exploration of Crazy Ray’s junkyard we found a few other gems in the junkyard.  The great part of the junkyard experience for me was being able to wander around and explore the treasures lost among the new cars that most fellows were stripping parts from.  Sadly the cars in the junkyard will never come out again, and the restorable antique trucks which sat outside the gate were all priced far too high to ever sell.  So someday they will wander in or be scrapped as well.

Our first car is more a curiosity and less of a gem.  Who would expect to see a vintage Vauxhall in an American junkyard?  The car is pretty far gone, but I wanted to include it as an oddity.  I have no idea how it has escaped the crusher.


Our next item was a gem, a late 40’s (?) Buick.  This car was very complete and probaby was quite the barn find when it was sent off to the junkyard.  It only appeared to be missing a carburetor and one other item from the engine bay.  The back seat had two of the huge airfilters sitting on it.  Even the guages were intact and still in the dash.  I was amazed that the junkyard marauders had not smashed this one up.  I can only hope they were awed by its faded beauty and decided to leave it alone.



This final gem was heartbreaking.  How often do you see a vintage Datsun that has no rust?  This one is a 1973 Datsun Z Fairlady.  The body is solid, no through rust, perfect floors, straight frame, intact engine, all carbs, all VIN numbers and dataplates still present.  The photo below is of Mike (who has owned many Z’s) staring at it and telling us about the features of this very rare car.


The junkyard was a fun romp on a perfect day, but for antique car lovers I think it was too much like taking a dog lover to visit the pound.  When you leave such a place you know you had fun visiting, but you feel bad for leaving these lost pets behind.

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