Frames rebuilt

This past week was all about frames.  Bobby cut and straightened the frame on the veteran’s Jeep, and then we moved on to finishing another project.  Jim is working on a WW2 Jeep with his father.  We are doing the major metal work and then they are doing assembly.  This weekend marked the end of the frame phase of the project.

This Jeep shows signs of an interesting history that I wish we knew more about.  It came from out west and was subjected to many Bubbafications.  Prior to Bubba it was modified in WW2 for a machine gun mount.  Dig that groovy pipe bumper on the front!!


The frame required MANY repairs.  First off, the obvious removal of the huge pipe bumper on the front, then the removal of an extreme lift kit added in.  The rear needed to be completley redone and the front frame horns and shackles replaced.


Meanwhile the engine went to Jim and his father, Dale.  Sadly the first engine turned out to be a former industrial engine with MANY issues as well.  I am sure the Bubba who attacked this vehicle with a complete lack of any mechanical understanding will reside in a special hell designated for those who anger the Jeep god.  The engine was re-sleeved, but the cylinders were completley bored out so the sleeves shifted.  This was one minor issue among many that destroyed that engine.

Another Bubba issue was the special springs he had installed. (you should have seen the huge Mudder tires and wheels that were on it too!!) Bubba cut the original threaded shackles off the frame, then drove bushings into their hollow cores.  I spent several hours with my torch and a wide variety of tools I invented trying to unthread the remains of the old shackles to no avail.  Plus the springs could not be used as correct shackles would not fit in them.  We ended up having to replace the rear shackle mounts on the frame also due to this issue.


As Bubba’s amazing work continued to try and blow the budget on this project we scoured my spare parts piles and pulled items together to make correct repairs without burning our friend’s wallet.  Happily the whole frame came together, we salvaged some springs, and we were able to send Jim and Dale off this Sunday with a frame unrecognizable as what we began with.  All praise the Jeep gods!! (and Bobby’s welding skills)


Now we will move on to the tub restoration (one of four tubs in the lineup)  The tub is very cool as it shows signs of once having a passenger side machine gun mount.  The glovebox is cut and welded in just the right spots so Jim is searching for the appropriate mount.

Onwards and upwards!

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