1930’s cars of Carlisle

This past Saturday my buddy Mike and I went to the Carlisle spring show.  MIke reminded me all week that there would be no sleeping in and I actually managed to wake up early on a Saturday morning for once.  At 6am Mike was in the driveway waiting for me and the adventure began.  The drive up route 30 through Hanover PA was quite pleasant and we saw that some folks had pushed barn finds out on  lawns to catch the eyes of those driving to Carlisle.  I saw a couple Chevy C-10’s that reminded me of my 1964 Chevy truck that I stupidly sold many years ago.

In this post I will share some of my favorite 1930’s sedans from Carlisle.  The first is a 1937 Ford Phaeton.  It looked very original and unrestored.  What a beautiful find.  If only I had $27,000 in my pocket.  But I would be afraid to restore it as it seemed so original.


Our second car was a 1934 Oldsmobile.  I need one of these and a Thompson gun to accesorize with my trench coat and fedora.


The one that Mike and I really fell in love with was this last car.  A frame off restoration of a 1936 Chevy for $14,000.  They must have put more than that into the restoration.  This car was simple, clean, and beautiful.  Every detail looked showroom new.  We could not see any corners cut on this job and I could imagine driving this one for a nice Sunday picnic.  We are working on figuring out the phone number as Mike might call them. (Do it Mike!! I want to go for a ride:)


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