Injection Connection tour

Last weekend Mike, Bobby and I headed out to Horsham, PA to attend a WW2 living history at Graeme park.  The reason for going was that our customer, Jim, and his family had helped develop this into a larger event.  As his Jeep was taking a bit longer than the target date I promised to have my Jeep at the show for him.  I will post more about the event in the next time.

The bonus of attending this event was that Jim’s father, Dale Cherry, runs the speed shop Injection Connection.  Dale has a couple Bonneville Salt Flats records under his belt and very graciously took time away from the event to give us a tour of his facility, and the neighboring motorcycle shop.  All I can say is that Dal is a knowledgeable, laid back and down to earth individual who I would trust with any project.  I really enjoy talking with him and have learned alot from our conversations.


I thought it would be appropriate to post the sign for his shop.  Now for the tour below:


Dale was in WW2 US Airborne uniform for the event.  This is him showing us around the back part of his shop.


This car had a wee bit of a fire when a flying part blew the fuel cell.  The other side was scorched!  Luckily the driver escaped the vehicular flambe without harm.  Dale’s shop is rebuilding the car.


These project cars (1931 Dodges if I remember right) were sitting outside.  Dale and Jim rescued them from a collapsed garage.


I just had to include this lowrider whizzer from Dale’s shop.  Too cool!


This motorcycle named “Edgar” is in the neighboring shop.  The fellows in that shop have set a couple records at Bonneville with Edgar.  For the life of me I cannot remember the name of their shop, it is next door to Injection Connection in Horsham, PA.  I have to say thanks once again to Dale for giving us the tour!!

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