Horsham PA WW2 Living History

On May 5 and 6th Jim Cherry helped run a WW2 Living History at Graeme Park in Horsham, PA.  This is right around the corner from the now defunct Willow Grove Naval Airstation.  As his Jeep was not going to be ready I offerred to bring my 1942 slatgrill Jeep to the show. 

This was a wonderful event in a great location.  The old mansion and outbuildings are reminiscent of rural France.  There was a big band playing all day on Saturday, and a tactical battle that ended in public view.  We met a few veterans, some old friends, and overall had a nice, mellow day.


This photo is of Herb Levy, he was in the 9th Engineers Combat Command in WW2.  We chatted for a few minutes and he is holding his French medal.  Honestly I would not have taken him for a WW2 veteran, very spry and lively, some folks just have good genes.


There were a few beautiful vehicles present.  Oddly mine was the only Jeep, we need more Jeeps to come next year!!  This truck was a fine example of an early war GMC.  There was also a staff car and I think a weapons carrier.


While taking some photos of my Jeep in this wonderful setting we had some Germans sneak up.  Actually I think we interrupted their photo shoot.  Next thing I know my Jeep was captured!!


I thought this was a nice shot to leave folks with.  Once again, the setting was perfect for some good WW2 photos.  I highly recommend this event for next year as it can only get bigger and better.

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