Vintage pedal cars

I have gathered up some photos between the spring Carlisle show and the Aberdeen proving grounds show.  I love vintage pedal cars.  But I am willing to admit that I own FAR too much stuff, so I am happy to take pictures of some neat toys instead.

The first one is (I think) a 1920s’s Gendron pedal car.  My friend Mike spotted and identified this one at Carlisle.  It was all original and the paint was aged perfectly.  The fellows selling it said their father had brought it home and they had played with it as kids.  Obviously they played nice for it to be in this condition.



This next one spotted at Aberdeen is a modern take on the WW2 Jeep.  These bodies are readily available and can be mounted in a variety of ways.  Recently I saw one beautifully done on ebay with a matching tiny Bantam trailer.  The seller wanted $10,000 though!!  I believe he was smoking crack.  For that much you can get a rather nice WW2 Jeep and take your children for a ride in it!  The cool thing about this one was that it was mounted on a lawn tractor, and it used an old military oil can as a “jerry can”  The can also was the fuel tank.  The builder also used a full size seat from a WW2 Jeep, so an adult could toddle about on this.  I would not mind throwing a mower deck under one of these to use on my mini farm.


Our final entry for today is a nice vintage Jeep pedal car with great original paint.  I could picture my twin nephews in this.  Sadly I did not have $650.00 to throw at it though.  This one was also for sale at the Aberdeen, Maryland Military Vehicle meet.


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