13th annual Great Willys Picnic

This past Sunday was the Great Willys Picnic held this year at the WK&S Railroad (http://www.kemptontrain.com/) in Kempton, PA.  This was my first time attending and Hanson Mechanical was one of the sponsors.  After getting very lost (my fault!!) I made it there by noon.  When I signed in I was the 63rd Jeep to arrive.  Just after me another WW2 Jeep showed up.


The lineup of Military Jeeps was mostly MB’s and GPW’s, all nicely restored.  Along with an M38 or two in the mix.  I loaded my Jeep up with the usual British/ Canadian Para equipment including the BSA folding bicycle on the front bumper.  MIne was the “beater” of the lot.  Every five years or so it comes time to tear my Jeep down and redo it.  I think it is coming time for a new paint job.  I figure if you have a Jeep drive it!!  It will not remain pristine that way but it will feel loved.


The selection of civilian Jeeps was quite varied, from CJ2A’s to forward control Jeeps.  Quite a few Jeeps were there with pto’s and the various accessories.  I will include photos of those in my next posting.


Since we were at a vintage railroad many of us opted for a train ride.  I was wandering around when I received a call from my friend, Mike Hardesty, of jeepchasm.com  He was on the train and so I ran down and bought a ticket just in time for a ride.  The train went through a village maintained by the local Historical Society, and on down a few miles of line.  The cars were well maintained and it was a fun trip.


I cannot recommend this event enough! At the end of the day we took several Jeeps for a convoy around some local roads.  The location was wonderful, the WK&S were great hosts and the array of Jeeps and vendors was fantastic.  If you like vintage Jeeps then this is a show to attend.  It will be at the same location next year and should once again be the second weekend of June.


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