Allard and Crosleys at auction

Yes, I know this is supposed to be another post about the Great Willys Picnic, but that will come after this one.  be patient, please 🙂

My friends Bobby, Mike, George and I went out to dinner and then to a local auction this evening.  Our big interest was seeing the 1949 Allard that was up for sale.  Despite all of the cars looking rather decrepit we were still drawn to see what they went for.  There was an Allard, a 1964? Mercedes, and three Crosleys.



While the Allard was covered in surface rust, the steel was complete without any rust through.  Over all much of the car was present amongst the parts piled beside it.  It originally came with a Ford flathead V8, but was outfitted at some point with a Cadillac V8.  The lines of the car are quite striking and it must have been beautiful when new.  The Allard sold for around $18,000.  Next up was a 1964(?) Mercedes.


This car probably ran when it was stored.  It was the second time for the auctioneer selling this very car.  He sold it to the owner of the estate back in 1984.  Doors shut with a satisfying clunk, the interior wood was in great shape, and the car was complete.  It sold for a very reasonable price of $8,000.  I assume this was because they did not start it.  Finally came the Crosleys, led by a 1949 Hotshot.


This was quite an eclectic collection all coming from one estate.  The Hotshot was complete, and not in too bad shape for a barn find.  This would not be a hard restoration though I think it sold a little too high at around $1,700.  If it had been running and in this shape I could have seen that price.  These cars actually became popular in racing circles in the 1950’s.  They were designed so that windshield, bumpers and lights could be stripped down easily for racing.  Even after Crosley’s demise in 1952 these cars were outfitted with a wide variety of engines to play on the race circuits.  I would like to play with one of these someday.  Finally there were a 1947 pickup and convertible.


If I had spare time of any sort and any money whatsoever I would have bid on the pickup.  It needed ALOT of work but would be a cute little parts runner.  It went for $650.00 which seems quite fair.

Okay, stay tuned for more of the Great Willys Picnic next time!!

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