A visit to the Simeone collection

If you are a fan of the history of racing then you must visit the Simeone museum in Philadelphia.  The website is http://simeonemuseum.org/


The cars are displayed in a variety of life size dioramas to give the visitor a feel for how, where, and when they were used.


Many of the cars are in original, unrestored condition.  On top of that the cars are run regularly.  The museum has weekends throughout the year where they take sets of cars to their huge parking lot (the museum is in a former industrial building) and they run the cars for the public.


Above is a 1938 BMW.

The museum has received many accolades and rightfully so.  Dr. Simeone is a retired neurosurgeon who (if I am remembering correctly) began collecting with his father.  This collection is the life’s work of an individual with a passion and it shows.


Above is a Bugatti

You can spend an hour, or a few hours there wandering, reading, and talking with other visitors.  There is always a chance you will run into Dr. Simeone as well.  My mechanic called one day and spent a good amount off time on the phone with a very affable fellow who he discovered at the end of the coversation was Dr. Simeone himself 🙂


Above Jaguars

It is definately worth a trip!

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