College Cars

I was working on the computer today and stumbled onto a photo folder of where all this vehicle madness began.  It began with my first VW that I bought when I was 17.  I had saved up money from my variety of jobs (paperboy, museum guard, camp counselor) and was looking at various antique cars to purchase.  As Dad started with the Porsche and had VW’s he told me to find a Beetle as I would,” learn everything you need to know about cars” by working on a bug.  Here it is below.


The photo was taken at the apartment my ex and I had in St. Mary’s county.  The bug obsession bit and soon there were many VW’s.  I still meet folks from St. Mary’s county who fondly remember our house as “the VW house.”  Below is a photo of me with the lineup.  ’72 Bus, my bug, ’68 bug and a 1971 Supervee or something like that.


My ex and I took the Beetles everywhere and often went camping with either the bugs or the bus at nearby Point Lookout State Park where I was a naturalist/ park historian.


The ’72 Superbeetle came from a farm in Hunt Valley.  The 1968 Bug was a whole ‘nother story that could take up a couple blog posts.  I will write more about it later.  As for a teaser it seems that we bought it from a drug dealer who shortly after was arrested and carted off because he was using his restaurant as a front for his operation.  Pretty dumb guy too, he left a bunch of evidence in the car.  I guess that was why he was caught!!

Have fun, we’ll get back to Jeeps next time 🙂

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