Sorting the artifacts

After a whirlwind weekend that involved hours on the road, loading trucks, unloading trucks and more, we are now sorting through the finds.  It’s interesting how many more items begin to pop up as we sort through box after box.  John Barton specialised in WW2 tools for Jeeps and we have made many finds in that area.  My friend, Pete, is still sorting wrenches.  There are Vlchecks, Barcalos, Fairmounts, Williams and more.  Initially we did not think we had any Irwin screwdrivers but after some sorting you can see what we found below.


The top two have “Irwin” printed on the wood handles.  The next two down have Irwin and Gov. Stock # 41-S-1076 on them.  The rest say Irwin US of A.  Need a screwdriver for your toolkit???  Next we have a trio of original, early fire extinguishers.  Initially in our sorting we only found two restored green extinguishers.  But some more exploration today yielded the items below.


Amongst some smaller, very cool finds were these NOS sparkplugs.


We are slowly putting together WW2 Jeep toolkits with original tools and canvas tool rolls.


Another neat small find was this original Ford GPW generator repair kit.


And there is still much more to sort, tools and parts of course!!


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