Making something from nothing

A while back I received a call from Bob at the Air Mobility Command museum in Delaware (  They had restored a WW2 Waco glider and were looking for a Jeep as a prop to park inside of it.  Part of the Waco glider is exposed so visitors can view in.  I realised that I had a very sad Jeep here which needed a home.  Below is a photo of my friend, Julian, sitting in the sad Jeep. (Yes I do have friends!! :P)


Sad Jeep had a wide array of issues.  From concrete floors to this rather interesting set of guages in the dash.  Anyone recognise them? Sad Jeep had some interesting repairs including front frame horns from a Model A Ford.  Well, I guess this was fitting as the Jeep was a Ford GPW.


So we set about making Sad Jeep into a display Jeep.  Here is Vlad taking out his frustrations on the concrete floors.


It became obvious that the original frame was beyond any quick salvage so we put together another frame and axles from stock.


Then we stablised the underside of Sad Jeep’s tub and installed it on the new frame.


Eventually Izzy was feeling trapped by the whole project…


Now we had to put things together and make Sad Jeep presentable.  This involved MANY hours of stripping, sanding, priming and painting.  As Sad Jeep was only for display I opted to use fiberglass for some body repairs.  I never do this on Jeeps that go on the road.


Soon stencils and more details were added.


And finally after some finishing touches (including a glovebox door with an original set of Ford GPW dataplates) Sad Jeep was ready to head off to his new home.  I hope Sad Jeep enjoys being at rest in a museum, rather than being thrown away for scrap. We hope to visit him soon in his new home.



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