The valve tap that wasn’t

We have been working on a 1945 Willys Mb for about a year now.  6 months longer than expected due to everything from losing the fellow who did our welding to a myriad of oddball issues after we got the vehicle together.  The last issue has been interesting as everyone thought it was a valve tapping.  

This issue was driving me nuts.  The engine did not make a single noise and ran smooth before we took it down to check it over.  The valves were all adjusted with no slop so I was really wondering what was going on. Then we opened it up and started hand cranking the engine over.


Well, as we turned it over we could hear a slight pop from the number 4 cylinder.  I put the mechanic’s  stethoscope on top of the piston and could hear a noise coming from it.  If I put pressure on the piston the noise went away. AHA!! A wristpin was loose. So I pulled the piston.


Sure enough the piston was loose on the wristpin.  Everything else from the cylinder walls, to the bearings etc.. was good.  So we shall get a new piston and pin and then put everything back together.  Then we can finally deliver the Jeep.  The 1945 Willys MB is beautiful and it is time for it to go home.


By the way, this is what it looked like when we started:


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