Posing with planes

I finally (after a couple months of chasing various gremlins in the vehicle) delivered the Jeep from the last post to Andover Flight Academy on Saturday. The owner, Damian DelGaizo, teaches using restored vintage aircraft as well as a couple newer planes.  He even flies a beautiful Boeing Stearman trainer from WW2.  Now they have a vintage WW2 Jeep to match it.  Here is a shot of our arrival.


After I unloaded I saw one of the vintage planes take off.  You can see it landing in the background of the photo below.


Most of the planes were out of the hanger soaking up the sun.  I was able to take photos with the Stearman and the Piper J-3 Cub.  Both of these are in remarkable condition.



This Jeep is in a perfect home at a vintage airfield.  The office of Andover Flight is both a museum and a step back in time.  There was quite a collection of photographs and even artifacts from historic flights.  Andover Flight Academy is definitely the place to take lessons if you are anywhere near Andover NJ.  The location is amazingly scenic and Damian obviously has a dedication to the preservation of our aviation history.  I find it all the more impressive that he uses these planes daily. Here is a last photo of the Willys MB snuggled into its new home in the hanger.


It was truly heartwarming to see Damian out testing the Jeep on the flight-line   This Willys Jeep sat out in the weather, neglected, for many years.  To see it alive and speeding along under the guidance of its new owner made the whole effort worthwhile. I could not be prouder of having restored a Jeep for these clients and I hope it provides them years of enjoyment!

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