Where do I get parts from????

The question I receive the most is where do I get my parts?  Other than a secret underground bunker filled with NOS jeep parts (location to remain undisclosed) the list below is of the main suppliers I use and WHY I use them. Each supplier name is also a link to their website.

I am also adding now some suppliers I have not used but who come highly recommended by other vintage Jeepers.  So, as with the restoration shop list, this is a work in progress.

Army Jeep PartsMV Spares dealer.  Best wiring harnesses and military electric parts out there.  Gillespie paints. US made replacement panels.  George Baxter knows what he is doing and his parts FIT RIGHT. If you want a correct spec radiator that will not overheat, go to him.  If you want an amazing rebuilt transmission or transfer case, go to him.  AJP also carries panels produced by Midwest Military.  These are made in the USA to correct specifications unlike the MD Juan parts.  George is amazingly knowledgeable and a perfectionist.  Some folks want to save a few dollars and wrestle with the consequences.  Save your time, buy from AJP.

Beachwood Canvas: Perfect match civilian Willys paint colors and the best canvas products available in my opinion.  And the ONLY people to go to for seats unless you want to be feeling metal under your butt.  I bought my full canvas set for my Willys MB back in 2001ish, it took 18 years to wear through the seats, and the top (which has been used alot!) is still almost new.

Debella Jeep Parts: Peter Debella has been in this business a long time. Many other parts distributors carry his parts. Great for WW2 Jeeps, M38’s, M38A1’s etc. If you buy it from Peter it is top quality.

Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive:  I use Walcks for a wide array of parts. Walck’s has extensive knowledge of their product line and the vintage Jeeps the parts go to.  They cover WW2 and up.  A family business they are wonderful to deal with and provide reputable quality. I cannot say enough about them. Customer service is fantastic.  Walcks carries many made in the USA parts, and many parts made especially for them.

Kaiser Willys Auto Supply:  Just when I think nobody has a part these folks have it.  Kaiser has a fantastic paper catalog and an extensive line of parts.  Kaiser Willys supports a wide array of Willys ventures as well.

D L Bensinger: East Coast Joe’s Motor Pool parts dealer!!!  I love their new carburetors.  On the east Coast if you need a gas tank, combat rims, handles etc.. go to Darryl.  Also carries MD Juan bodies and body kits.  Double check to make sure he has an item in stock before ordering.

Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep Parts: Ron runs the G503 forum which has been a hobby mainstay since he started it. (note, I recommend him, but I do not order from him much as we have plenty of suppliers on the East Coast)  Fitzpatrick is an amazing parts supplier.  Also use him for rebuilt transmissions, transfer cases, engines etc..  Ron has everything.  Sheet metal is MD Juan as far as I remember though. Also, if you are not on the g503 forum then follow the link to his site and join it.

Midwest Willys.  Harry and Jo sheets.  Original parts.  They dismantle a wide array of Willys vehicles and stock the parts. If you are looking for a part they probably have an original of it.

TM9 Ordnance:  Now owned by Midwest Military. I have not tried them yet but fellow restorers who have say they are the best paint suppliers.

RAPCO Paint and Parts:  Gillespie paints, wider color selection than Army Jeep Parts.

Brent Mullins Jeep Parts: Brent carries a wide array of NOS parts.  Brent also makes rivets for your frame restorations.  They look like original rivets from the top but actually are a type of bolt which breaks off on the bottom after the torque spec is reached.

In the end the best thing I can say is that it does cost money to restore a Jeep.  Use the best parts and you will enjoy restoration, maintenance, and driving of your Jeep so much more.

Have fun!! -Merlin

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