The BBC comes to visit

A month or so ago I was contacted by a British film company working on a BBC/ CCTV project on branding and marketing.  They found my youtube channel when doing research on VW and its genius advertising campaign of the 1960s (Think Small). We chatted over email and on the phone. Eventually we decided that they would film my father my good friend, Jim, and myself along with my early 1955 Beetle.


From left to right in the photo are Jim, Richard (cameraman) Luc (director) myself and Dad. This was a great excuse to get Jim and my father in the same place for once.  I have been wanting them to meet for a long time.  They both drove VWs and european sports cars in the 1960s. Below is a shot of Dad’s Karmann Ghia amongst the redwoods back in the day.


Needless to say Dad and Jim got to swapping stories which was beyond a treat to listen to. Police chases, fast cars and more! They both were interviewed regarding VWs in the 60s the advertising campaigns and their VW experiences.  They brought me in with Dad to discuss how the VW beetles became a family tradition. (At Dad’s suggestion when I was 17 I bought one as my first car. His reasoning was that they were simple and I would learn all I needed to know about auto repair on one. Dad was right!)Image

The shot above is Luc showing us the camera. They had a set of portable rails for rolling the camera around to get steady shots. Towards the end of the day they hopped in my friend Peter’s jeep and took footage of the Beetle on the road.  Due to various issues my Beetle had not been on the road regularly for over two years.  After fixing fuel lines on Saturday and Sunday morning the ’55 fired right up and was ready to drive.Image

They had a very durable little camera that Richard mounted all over the car to get different driving shots.

Overall it was a long but fun day.  Luc and Richard were great sports and quite fun to work with. I wish them all the best on the rest of their adventure filming at various companies around the United States.  They were off to 3M next, and then on to Starbucks. Apparently this series will be viewed by around a Billion people. Wow. My little Beetle will get its few moments of fame.  It deserves it after surviving this long.

All this VW obsession actually began back in 1966 when Dad bought his 1956 Porsche. Then he had a bug and a Kharmann Ghia too. Below is a shot of Dad and the Porsche around 1970 or 71. (And we still have it today.)bbc05

Thanks so much to Dad for coming down from Massachusetts, Jim for joining us, and to Peter for his help and use of his Jeep.

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