Merchantville favorites

This will be my last post on the Merchantville, NJ carshow. In here I have collected some of my absolute favorite cars from the show.



There were many musclecars and I have owned a couple in the past. But we see musclecars at every show nowadays. So I picked out the cars that stood out to me for their beauty and style.





The first one that really stood out to me was this 1928 Packard. Packards were stylish and well built cars.  Their slogan became,” ask the man who owns one.” My grandfather was quite a fan of them and finally bought a new one in the late 1940s.  He also used to tell a story about dismantling a fellow MIT students Packard when he was in college.  They dismantled the car and rebuilt it in his room while the fellow was away for a few days. Must have been a big room!





This 1961 Nash Metropolitan took me back to the 1955 Hudson Metropolitan I restored (and electrified!) with my students back in 2009.  See that restoration and more about Metropolitans here: Met EV  Nash merged with Hudson in the mid 1950s.  After 1955 Hudson’s name disappeared from Metropolitans and they were just made by Nash.  Nash did much research after WW2 in order to build a small car.  The car was designed as a second car for families but became popular as an inexpensive first automobile. Even though they were american, they were actually built in England due to less expensive tooling and labor.




This pair of 1939 (black) and 1938 (beige) Buicks caught my eye.  There were not that many representatives of the art deco era at the show.



This last car was a 1951 (I think) Dodge brought by our friend Alex.  Years ago I sold him a 1946 Plymouth. Alex has a real passion for these cars and he has instilled that passion in his young son, Eric. Alex bought a 1920s radio from our friend Scott. I though the loaded Dodge would make a great vintage photo so I converted it into black and white below.



As you can see, Merchantville puts on quite a car show.  Attend next year if you have the chance.

2 thoughts on “Merchantville favorites

  1. It was really a pleasure to have you guys up for the show! And having Alex and son down as well- All in all, a great time was had by us! THANKS FOR COMING! Looking forward to next year already 🙂

  2. Merlin- it was great seeing you guys after so many years. It was great spending the day with you guys and hearing some of your stories.
    Scott- Thank you for your generous hospitality and hosting the day for us. The 1920s radio I bought from you that day cleaned up well and is on display in my home office.

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