Welcome center Jeepster

I saw this Jeepster a few weeks ago driving south on 95.  Coming North a couple weeks ago I made a point of stopping at the Pennsylvania welcome center to see it and take some shots.


I liked how this Jeep was displayed with items representing a wide variety of what Pennsylvania has to offer.Image

Of course I think my favorite thing on the whole Jeepster was the bumper sticker that read,” Scrapple.. The other grey meat” I love Scrapple!!Image

Jeepsters were made from 1948 to 1951. Despite my father’s dislike of their styling I have always rather liked them. I would be happy to take this one on a roadtrip.

1 thought on “Welcome center Jeepster

  1. the jeepster looks nice, currently getting up a ww2 willys MB slat, which my dad will end up taking from me once its done, sadly after having my 43 willys mb sabotaged by someone, never found out who, im now scraping for pennies and actually making my own jeep parts, reuseing yokes, lines, metal, I fabricated most of the tube and tire mount gas tank mount, etc, my 42 jeep is like a rat rod now but parts are very identical to original, maybe one day I can restore her with original parts like I did my 43 MB.

    once again the jeepster looks awesome.

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