Veteran’s jeep up for adoption (1945 Willys MB SOLD)

In 2012 I posted about rebuilding WW2 veteran Joe Tedesco’s Jeep: The Meaning of Memorial Day  Joe sadly passed away last winter. He was a 4th Infantry Division veteran.  A man who survived Operation Tiger, D-Day, and the push across Europe.  He drove a half track with quad fifty anti-aircraft guns mounted on it.Image

In 2011 Joe rolled his jeep and we rebuilt it for him. It is back in the shop now as we tweak final issues from the accident. We replaced the transmission, clutch, pressure plate, pilot bushing and ring gear on the flywheel.  Brakes have been thoroughly addressed and I am further touching up bodywork.Image

The Jeep is a 1945 Willys Mb with a 1941 tub.  The Jeep is named “Kilroy” and Joe kept license plates with that name on the Jeep. The hood numbers are Joe’s id numbers from WW2.


The good: overhauled transmission, new AJP radiator, new clutch and pressure plate, new ring gear on flywheel, rebuilt starter, solid and peppy engine, rust free frame and body, nice 1941 Willys script tub (yes I know the Jeep is a 1945).

The bad: roof is incorrect but serviceable, wiring all works but is a home-made harness, a couple nicks here in there in older body filler (see photos below)

The great: This was the much loved pet of a WW2 veteran and we hope it will go on to another good home.

Photos of our accident repair work are here: Restoration of Kilroy More photos are below:


Horn works and is actuated by a button under the dash, it has been this way since I first met Kilroy.


The photo below shows one detail issue, the internal braces for toolbox latches were bent in the rollover so toolboxes do not latch.


The shot below shows the front of the passenger side fender, the main brace in this fender is bent slightly down.


The shot below is of a chip in the body filler.  I use very little filler in my restoration work but this body has some thicker layers. I sanded alot down when we reworked the body after the accident but there are still a couple spots here and there.


This body and frame have no rust or rust holes.  So Kilroy is very solid, more so than when the veteran first purchased the Jeep. Whomever restored this Jeep originally took some shortcuts which we have eliminated and corrected.

Kilroy just drove over 2 hours this past weekend and did quite well.  At road speeds up to 55 mph there were no wobbles and the brakes are great.

The family seeks $14,000 or best offer for Kilroy.

Reasonable offers will be entertained, unreasonable ones laughed at 🙂 (naaaah, we are not that evil) the vehicle is sold as is, where is, with no guarantees suggested or implied.  email me at if you are interested.  -Merlin

2 thoughts on “Veteran’s jeep up for adoption (1945 Willys MB SOLD)

  1. I’m very interested in this. Can you tell me where its located? I would also love to see a picture with its top up. Also, would a trade for silver bars be considered? I am prepared to offer $10k cash, or $11k in silver. Id be willing to leave Joe’s numbers on the jeep and pass his story on to those that ask. Thank you.

    • I am not sure why so many people are trying to reply to this post rather than emailing me like it says to do in the post. Once again my email is If you are interested please email me directly. I cannot imagine the owners going below $12,000.00 on this vehicle gold/ silver/ platinum bars or whatever. I will assume serious non-scammers are able to read the post and email me direct as suggested.

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