Ordering the Alaska or Rust Book

It’s here!! It’s here!!  Read below to find your options for purchasing the book of the Alaska or Rust 2017 vintage jeep journey up the Alaska highway.

The book is 144 pages, hardcover, 6 by 9 inches, and has about 300 or more full color photos taken by the members of the Alaska or Rust trip.  The book covers the planning, jeep rebuilds and prep, travel from around the country to Dawson Creek, BC and follows the Alaska or Rust trek up to the Arctic Circle and all the way to an unexpected reunion at Teslin Lake when the Alaska Highway was shut down.  If you were not able to go this is your way to own a piece of the journey and peak into what the adventure was like!!

To order, follow this link: Alaska or Rust Blurb Bookstore

Currently the book is $42.00 online, and honestly I only make a couple bucks on it, most of the cost is the printing of it since it is a photo intensive book and is not a large production run.  I plan to have a paperback available by end of June 2018.








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