2020 Mason Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering


Coming soon is the 14th annual Mason Dixon show.  Come to one of the only shows happening this year! Merlin worked up a plan that was approved by the health department to keep the show on schedule. We will spread out over more of the Homestead property this year. Stay tuned to this page for updates, times and locations of the show and associated events, and much more.  Questions should be directed to Merlin Hanson at the following email: merlin AT hansonmechanical.com 

What’s happening when and what day???

October 16th 5pm until ??  Open House at Hanson Mechanical Restorations at 40 North Queen St. Littlestown, PA. Follow directions below or you will not find it!

Coming from Gettysburg drive South on 97. After you pass McDonald’s on right start watching for the fruit stand on the right.  Turn right at the fruit stand (Blue star) onto Locust St.  Park in the red star lot then walk across the lane down to our shop which is in a massive brown barn with red doors.

Coming from Westminster go North on 97. Pass through the light in the center of town where King and Queen Streets cross.  Then take your next left at the fruit stand (Blue star) onto Locust St.  Park in the red star lot then walk across the lane down to our shop which is in a massive brown barn with red doors.


October 17th 9:30am onwards.  Annual Gettysburg area Drive lead again by the amazing Dee Pierini!  Thank you Dee!!    We will meet at the Peace Light on Gettysburg Battlefield at 9:30 (maps and address at this link: Peace Light Memorial).  First stop will be the Buck collection (WW2 vehicles, Jeeps, tanks and more!!)  After our battlefield drive we will gather at the Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg for food and libations (331 E Water St, Gettysburg, PA 17325).

October 18th 9am to 4pm:  Union Mills Homestead, 3311 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD 21158.  website: Union Mills Homestead

Show Basics:

  • Cost: Free.  Entry and attendance are free. Donations are happily accepted and go towards show expenses and Union Mills Homestead.  Over the years we have donated over $10,000.00 to Union Mills Homestead.
  • All civilian Willys and Kaiser products are welcome.  No newer jeeps in the judged areas.
  • Stock AMC Jeeps will have their own row this year, if I get really organised we may include that in judging.  Expectations for AMC Jeeps are unmodified or lightly modified. Cut off date is 1986.
  • Military Jeeps from WW2 onwards are welcome, and we love to have any other vintage military vehicles on display.  Those with living history displays are welcome to set them up.
  • Parts fleamarket:  Those selling used parts the fee is $25.00  if you have an awesome day selling we ask you to be fair and throw a bit more towards the show as this is a not for profit event.  If you are just selling 3 parts you brought in your car or something then there is no charge.
  • Vendors:  Jeep related commercial vendors are more than welcome.  We usually ask $250.00 towards the show, and if you sign on early enough we add you as a sponsor and place your logo on the t-shirt.

Sponsors (this section will be updated with logos and links shortly)


Trip to the Classic Auto Mall


A longtime friend contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to go on an adventure.  That adventure? An excursion to the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, PA.  I only recently heard of the place when two customers told me about their visit.  They described an old mall converted to a museum and sales facility.  They also said the massive collection was a bit overwhelming. This meant I needed to see it!


The low rent district. Higher end vehicles were up front.


John, his wife Diane, and I met in Gettysburg and rode up together, chatting vintage cars, catching up, me spilling coffee all over the place.  Maybe an hour or so later we arrived.  The mall is your typical smaller 1980s indoor mall.  Opened in 1985 it survived until 2011.  Sometime after that the antique auto mall took over.  Attached at one end of the mall is a recently renovated Holiday Inn.

1909 Dorris pickup.  Dorris vehicles were made in St. Louis, MO from 1907 to 1926.  This may be the only assembled one in existence.


1923 Chevrolet Weidman Motor Home.  Obviously an unrestored example, I was really excited to see this.

Great video of a restored example.

The Classic Auto Mall houses a massive barn find collection.  These vehicles are in areas you can walk through, and displayed behind store windows as well.  There are many rarities, some of my favorites hi-lighted through this article.

Classic Auto Mall is also a place where you can sell your own antique car.  These are consignments and a large portion of what you see throughout the mall are consignment vehicles.  This means there is a constantly shifting collection to visit.  As for the prices? There were a handful of vehicles priced at market value, but as with many online sellers, a high proportion of the prices were far beyond the market value.  A Willys CJ2A that would maybe sell for $7,500.00 was listed at almost $16,000.00  A rusty VW Beetle that would normally sell for maybe $2,500.00 was listed for around $9,000.00  Some vehicles were fairly priced.  I am unsure if this is pricing by the auto mall, or just unrealistic sellers.





The barnfind collection goes on and on.  I would say the barnfinds were my favorite part of the collection.  Pierce Arrows, Hudsons, Grahams and other rarely seen early marques.

The Classic Auto Mall is free to visit, and definitely worth the trip.  Staff were friendly and helpful.  The parking lot is massive and they do offer rental rates for hosting events in or outdoors.

For more information on the mall, visit their website at: www.ClassicAutoMall.com