Restoration Shop and Service Center



Hanson Mechanical Restorations recently expanded to open repair bays for our customers.  In the service center we take care of the smaller jobs from basic repairs to minor upgrades and conversions like the popular Howell fuel injection conversion.  We also rebuild transmissions and transfer cases.  We carry Interstate batteries as well as Crown and Omix/ ADA parts. We offer service, body and frame repair, and upgrades for Jeeps from 1941 through the early 2000s.  We usually run a month or so waiting list to get a vehicle in for service.


Restoration/ repairs

Hanson Mechanical Restorations specializes in restoring vintage Jeeps.

Shop rates are $60 to $75 per hour.

We do everything from welding and bodywork brakes engines and transmissions.

We offer Jasper rebuilds on engines from 1941 to present with their 100,000 mile three year warranty.  All work we perform carries a 6 month warranty for in house repair.

You can see examples of our work in the restoration gallery: Restoration Gallery or more updated work here on Hanson Mechanical Instagram

Our main website is here:

We are located in Gamber, MD and have vehicles from all over North America in our workshops. Use the contact form here or on the websites if you have a vehicle you would like worked on.



As we receive many contacts email is the best and quickest method of to reach us. You can email us direct at: merlin at  or use the contact form below or on our main website.  Please include the year and model of your Jeep.


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