Banana Republic store Jeeps

Back when the store Banana Republic first opened they were a safari themed store.  The first thing you saw when approaching this clothing retailer was a Jeep sticking out of the front of the store.


This rather small image was the only one I could find of the old Banana republic before they became what is basically an upscale GAP.  I borrowed it from this article: Banana Republic: Themed retail That Once Was.

For a long time I wondered what happened to the BR Jeeps.  They were often hacked in half or had a corner cut off so they could stick out of the store.  I was visiting Army Jeep Parts yesterday and stumbled into one!Image

George Baxter said that this was one repaired with wood and used as a prop for his son’s prom. They did a rather good job with the woodwork (note even the fender detail!). But you can see where wood begins and metal ends showing how this Jeep stuck out of the storefront or wall.


George confirmed that this was from a Banana republic store.  I think I have seen others pop up on occasion for sale as parts or prop Jeeps.  I miss the days when the local mall held at least one attraction for me, staring at an old Jeep in a storefront.