Weekend of Mechanical Failures

So, this was the official weekend of mechanical failures.  You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up, slowly everything goes wrong, and then you look out the window and a GIANT Billboard has been erected beside your house that says,” Give up and go back to bed!!”  ??  This was that weekend.

We began with Bobby taking the veteran’s Jeep frame apart and getting it ready to weld everything straight again.  All that went fine at first.  Well, I have limited power to the new shop (we need to install a direct drop from the power lines) so when the welder was plugged in we did not have enough juice.  Friend Mike goes home and gets his generator.  This generator fails to start.  We check fuel flow etc.. and all seems good.  More pulls, no start… grrrrr… what have we done to anger the generator gods?  We dismantle the carburetor and all sorts of luminescent sludge is clogging everything!!  What the heck, eh?  Not sure if the fuel went bad, fuel stabiliser went bad, wicked witch of ethanol cursed us, who knows.

So, we clean and blow out said carburetor.  Still no start.  We do so again, still nothing.  We sacrifice a gasket to the gasoline gods… still nothing.

We get a second generator and we find that our second generator WILL NOT START either!!  The fourth pull and the string broke.  We rebuilt the starter pull but still had issues.  We finally give up and take my 1941 offroading, drink some beers, and figure we will try again Sunday.

Sunday begins with a text from Mike that Tugger (his YJ which rescues all our vintage Jeeps from barns and such) has failed.  Luckily the Jeep gods smiled upon him and he was only a couple miles from the shop.  Mike did not want to go golfing anyways so Tugger saved him.  However, Tugger saved Mike from walking after a small, white ball by losing an idler pulley.  The pulley probably resides in shattered pieces on a local road.  So we set about repairing that pulley only to have the long adjuster bolt snap.  (see photos below)  It was rusty towards the bottom and thus snapped rather than adjust.Image


After a couple beers and much frustrated venting of spleens Bobby had a great idea, “let’s go to Crazy Rays in Mt. Airy”  So off we went to see if we could find a replacement idler adjusting bolt.  We managed to find two that were in much better shape.  I put in a couple shots below of Jeeps in the junkyard and will post more photos next time of other items we found.  Junkyards are fun and sad at the same time.


CJ3B….. very dead.


A somewhat squashed Commando…..