Vermont Jeeps

We went on a brief jaunt to Vermont this past weekend.  Vermont is land of vintage VW’s it seems.  We saw many VW beetles and buses.  Now I know where they have all gone!  I kept thinking that this mountainous land known for heavy snow should have vintage Jeeps though and finally they appeared.

We were driving down rte 87 from Burlington and I decided to drop off onto the smaller road, rte 2.  As soon as we pulled onto rte 2 I saw this Jeep.Image

ImageThe Gadne family had just picked this 1948 CJ2A up and were taking it home.  Apparently they owned a CJ3A in the 1970s but the rust killed it.  Now they are looking for a CJ3B as well.  I knew we were on the right road at this point.

We continued down rte 2 to a very New England flea market in an old mill.  Finding neat things we went back a town to find an ATM and this pulled in!Image


A nice young fellow named Will owned this truck.  It is a 1962 Willys on an S-10 chassis.  Will said he wanted one as a kid and when this truck popped up he bought it.  I really enjoyed these two Willys surprises and chatting with their owners.

One our way out of Vermont we drove by this Fairmont Hy-Rail on rte 7.  I can see it has popped up online before.ImageFairmont often worked with Willys so I am wondering if this has a Willys drivetrain?  Does anyone know more about this model? Hy-Rails were designed to ride on railroad tracks.  This one is missing its drop down railroad wheels.

And finally for laughs is a newer Jeep conversion we saw near Mt. Mansfield in Stowe Vermont.  Could we do this to a vintage Willys?Image