See us on TV!

In December of 2011 Hanson Mechanical rebuilt a 1945 ford GPW for International Military Antiques of Gillette NJ.  The rebuild, and use of the Jeep in a reenactment will be on their new TV show, Family Guns. Below is a shot of the director, myself, and two of the IMA fellows after filming at a WW2 reenactment in January.


The show premiers in the US next week on the National Geographic channel at 10:00 on September 12th.  The episode featuring our Jeep rebuild is called “I want a Jeep.”  That episode will air in the US at 10:00 on September 26th.  I have an international release schedule as well and will update this post with that information as soon as I have a chance.


Here is a link to a couple video snippets from the show (not our episode though!)

Family Guns