WW2 trains with WW2 planes

As promised I am going to keep posting about the collection at the Military Aviation Museum at Virginia Beach.  When I was wandering around their aircraft hangars I was surprised to stumble into a 1930s vintage German narrow gauge railroad!


This train and its railway were beside an actual Luftwaffe hangar that the museum moved from Germany and restored to house their WW2 German aircraft.  A railway like this could have been used to transport bombs or other gear to the airfield.ImageImage

The train and locomotives were acquired when the Virginia Beach museum purchased the collection of a museum in Germany.  The larger locomotive is a Gmeinder 15/18.  The numbers refer to the horsepower.

Narrow gauge railways were easy to relocate and were used in both WW1 and WW2.  at the other end of the train is a smaller locomotive made by Krohnke Maschinenfabrik.Image


In one of their bulletins the museum speaks of possibly getting these little diesel engines running someday.  They would be a fun way to travel around the museum and experience another part of history.Image

If you would like to see some little locomotives like these running I found a fun video on youtube.


Just click this link: Narrow gauge locomotives at play

Enjoy!! -Merlin