Vertical steam engines found

I know this blog is mostly Jeeps and other vintage vehicle, but I thought I would share a couple finds from this weekend.  My girlfriend and I were visiting friends who sent us off to explore a collapsed tomato cannery.  We embraced the idea of exploring an old industrial site and had alot of fun wandering the remains of the factory.Image

The remains of the ancient boiler sat in the forest and up on a hill was the water tower.Image

When I was looking through some old line shafts and canning machines my girlfriend shouted that she had found something very cool.  I followed her voice and found this.Image

She is 5’4″ which gives you an idea of the size of the engine.Image

While we were inspecting the engine a truck drove slowly by.  The driver stared at my pickup and then noticed us in the woods.  He slowly pulled over in sight of us.  I figured we were about to be kicked off the property and headed up to the road to meet the fellow.  It turned out that he knows my friends and used to work on the steam engines in the cannery.  We learned alot from him about the cannery, his time working there, and why it shut down in the 1960s. What a pleasant surprise!Image

When we explored further we found an even larger steam engine on its side.  Currently I am trying to figure out the vintage of these, and if we should get some heavy equipment in there to save them (with permission of the owner of course).  I would love to restore the smaller one!