Barn wagons

I look through my posts and there seem to be many barnfinds in here.  Not sure how I keep stumbling into them but I hope you folks enjoy them.Image

Last week a couple of us went to a neighboring town to look at a gathering of Willlys wagons and a pickup.  All of them have been sitting for 20 to 30 years.  A couple outside and a couple inside/ outside.ImageImage

The two I am showing here are a 1940s two wheel drive wagon and a modified 1940s panel delivery.  The wagon does not have an engine but is very solid.  There is another later wagon in a field with hurricane six engine and full drivetrain. Maybe put the two together??


The building was falling down around the panelvan the last time I was here a few years back.  The last large snow a couple years ago apparently took down the roof over it.Image

If anyone is interested in these or the 1950s Willys pickup (actually rather solid with a nice cab and little rust) let me know.  I believe they can be had for a reasonable price and most have titles.