Honor Flight

A month or so ago I was contacted by Betty who works with Ocean State Job Lots as a publicist (hope I got that right).  They were looking for a WW2 Jeep to sit in the lobby of the BWI Hilton.  The occasion? Dinner for a massive Honor Flight of WW2 veterans.


I was more than happy to bring my Jeep down for the veterans. Honor Flight is an organization flying WW2 veterans at no charge from all over the United States to see their memorial in DC.  Read more about them here: Honor Flight  This is an amazing organization doing something to say thanks to the men and women who saved the world in WW2.

My friend Butch Maisel brought items from his museum to share with the veterans.Image

The first veteran who came in on a wheelchair looked at his guardian (the volunteers who assist each veteran) and said, “see, I knew I left my Jeep here!” My friend, Ed Embry, speaks with him below.Image

The next fellow in lit up and kept saying,” A Jeep! A Jeep!” There were so many veterans and they were delightful to speak with.  Many wanted to sit in the Jeep.  The fellow below was extremely intent on sitting in the Willys MB. Ed finally was able to help him in the passenger seat.  Quite honestly we would have done anything to get him in it as he wanted to sit in the Jeep so much.Image

I had my toolbox open on the fender of the Jeep and turned around at one point to hear a man exclaim,” I have this at home.” I ended up speaking with Mr. Sennett for quite a while as we sorted through the tools and shared stories of working on Jeeps and how we used certain tools.  He worked on assembling Jeeps in Europe.  I have never had the chance to chat with a WW2 mechanic and do not know how to describe the experience of sharing knowledge, tricks and stories.  Mr. Sennett is someone I could spend hours talking to, heck, so many of these men and women are.




Job Lots, Honor Flight, and all others involved go all out for the veterans.  There was even a trio of singers from the USO who performed beautifully.Image

Honor Flight hung a banner for the veterans and guardians to sign.Image

Towards the end of the evening I saw a veteran in his wheelchair by the banner. He waved me over and said, “thank you, you really made our day.” I thought he was speaking of the entire Honor Flight.  But a few minutes later I found him by the Jeep. He pointed at it and repeated his thanks again.

And all I can say and think is thank you. Thanks to Honor Flight for doing this for the greatest men and women I have known. Thanks for allowing us to share in this experience and bring to life so many memories.

And to our veterans…..Image

Thank you….. for everything.