1957 Willys truck $4,000.00 OBO (no trades)

(Okay, two possible exceptions to the trades…. will take as partial trade an interesting running hit and miss, or maybe a Farmall cub with mower. Partial trades only though. That means trade and cash.)

1957 Willys truck. Clear Maryland title. This lived its life on a farm near Westminster, Maryland. This was a project that stalled. I need the space in my shop. Please read carefully and review photos before asking questions. Questions, offers etc.. email: merlin at hansonmechanical.com

-All parts are shown (except I forgot to photograph the interior windshield surrounds, I have those too.)

-Missing: Radiator, Carburetor, gas tank was replaced by prior owners with a fuel cell which is included.

-Engines: two 6-226 engines. The one in the truck is a “ran when parked” scenario. I never believe it until I see it run. The blue engine obviously was worked on at some point, and then left outside (I didn’t do that). As you can see it looks nice inside. I have no idea why they did not clean the oil pickup! I would open it up, hone the cylinders, lap the valves and reset the flywheel studs that have worked there way back a hair and are keeping it from turning as a result (you can see in one of the closeups.)

-Sheetmetal. Fenders etc.. were removed, media blasted and primed. Everything needs work. Rear fenders need ALOT of TLC but are quite repairable. Several new pieces are pictured. Most areas needing major repair are pictured. Doors need repair, spare doors are included as well.

-Glass: Glass needs replacement, door glass may be fine. A local small glass shop that will work on antique cars usually can cut and install the glass for far less than buying a glass kit from one of the Willys parts suppliers.

-Bed. Two beds are included, they would be able to make one good bed. One has several inches cut from one end and can be used to finish the other bed (standing vertical in photos). Included as well is an original WO tailgate. Hard to find item.

-Frame. Frame was media blasted then primed in Rustoleum prime over rust and then painted in Rustoleum industrial black.

-Brakes, wiring, exhaust etc.. need to be purchased and done (You may get lucky, I may have worked on the brakes and just not logged it, I cannot remember)

Summary: this is a project for someone with the right skills. There is alot of value here and the greasy, tetanus inducing, bolt shearing, soul killing horrible cleanup was done for you. It is not a project I will put any work into, it comes as is, where is, no warrantees implied or offered. Cash is the only payment I will take. Reasonable offers entertained. I do not want more stuff, so please do not offer your 1995 Honda, jet ski, Chevy truck project, yard trailer etc… as a trade. I am not interested.

All front end sheetmetal media blasted and primed in rust preventive primer.

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